It felt like I was reliving my own childhood… thank you so much for bringing this documentary to us. It is a story that the American public needs to hear and experience for themselves.
- Marie, Montpelier VT

American Farm is a beautiful movie that, in addition to being very relevant, is deeply moving. It brought back many wonderful memories.
- Edward, Albany NY

I was especially touched during the film. What a beautiful tribute to your family.
- Debbie, Hamilton NY

It's every family's story.
- Mary Ann, Richfield Springs, NY

Your film really got me thinking about just how much this way of life is vanishing.
- Justin, Marshfield, WI

It is truly a well-done piece: a remarkably sensitive, moving, honest, informative and admirable documentary.
- Irene, Kingston NY

I was glued to my seat watching it.
- Joanne, Syracuse NY

It certainly was a pleasure seeing a film about real folks... I think in this world today, too much emphasis is on those that entertain and not nearly enough on those that work the land and provide us with food... Thank you for your showing real people with real concerns!
- John, Williamstown MA

I believe the problems facing farms do not have as much to do with the farm as they have to do with our culture and what it values. What do we value? Farmers, farms and farm workers are not valued. Eating is valued. What a disconnect!... It will take people like yourself, people that are not on the farm, to support the farmer and only then will it effect real change. Thank you for your efforts, appreciation and understanding of our plight.
- Carla, Marshfield WI

I could relate so well to the characters in the movie, especially those torn with losing the "farm life." I struggle every day to hold on to this side of my life and your movie really re-instilled in me the genuine need and will to cherish and continue these "American farm" traditions.
- Jason, Ithaca NY

Your documentary touched our lives and each time we pass a rural farm we have a more in-depth feeling for the generations and diligent perseverance that keeps the farm intact.
- Jacque, Cooperstown NY

I believe this movie is an amazing representation of what I am feeling and seeing as the current trend in both agriculture and rural America.
- Wyatt, Champaign IL

Both of my parents were children of dairy farmers. Many of the struggles shared in the film could have been seen in my mother's family as well... I know the film will have an impact on all who view it.
- Karen, Fonda NY

The preview brought tears to my eyes... it is a rare event to see the life of my childhood depicted in film.
- Rebecca, Schenectady NY

EXCELLENT! Very personal to so many lives in similar brothers and I also left the farm forcing my father to sell.
- J.M., Syracuse, NY

You have done a great job of capturing the feel of modern, rural farm living--and the threats to its ending.
- Carol, Richfield Springs NY

Thank you all for your heartfelt appreciation and support!
-Jim Spione
  Director, American Farm